Luciana Abait generates a new visual nature by bringing together photo-based manipulated landscapes, installations and photo-sculptures. Delving into environmental concerns, the juxtaposition of icebergs and structures presented within the body of work serve to establish surreal relationships with one another. These connections challenge adaptation, assimilation, isolation, and displacement while reflecting on the intrusive aggressiveness of man onto nature.

Each photo-based Iceberg is manipulated by Abait who manipulates the surface of the watercolor paper with an assortment of media erasing the photograph underneath. Each movement of the pencil allows Abait to create gestural and expressive, emotionally-charged artworks. Abait’s conceptual actions directly notion to the disappearance of icebergs due to global warming.

• • •

Curated by Erika Hirugami, MAAB • Founder & CEO at CuratorLove

Private Exhibition in Partnership with DEUTSCH • April, 2019