Aesthetically seductive, yet socio politically charged; confrontational yet inviting, captivating and provocative are the artworks by Juan Logan. In a recent art journey, I came across his body of work at Logan Studios and became quickly intoxicated. Unlike encountering them in a museum space, an institution or a gallery; here I found myself entranced in a different type of aesthetic journey; one that would lead me to experience an understanding which I had not encountered before.

Juan Logan’s body of work is fascinating; enchanting and challenging all at once, unapologetic and strong with hints of sarcasm and irony that serve to challenge the viewer into engaging with the heavy issues he addresses with every piece he produces.
— Erika Hirugami, MAAB

Juan Logan

Juan Logan was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He received his Master’s of Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Mount Royal School in Baltimore focusing on painting and mixed-media sculpture. He currently lives and works out of Belmont, North Carolina.

Logan’s artworks address the American experience. Simultaneously abstract and representational, his paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, and videos address the convergences of race, place, and power; making the hierarchical relations and social stereotypes visible, as well as question how they shape individuals, institutions, and the material and mental landscapes of contemporary life.

Juan Logan is currently the Conservation Manager at the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Project, which is actively restoring thirty-one large-scale sculptures created by artist Vollis Simpson for the city of Wilson, NC.

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