High Contrast stands at a crossroads in the art world between traditional and contemporary. It seeks, along with the Fowler Museum, to bring to light often overlooked, yet critical works and issues through the collaboration and networking of emerging, insightful fine art professionals. its members come from all walks of life and seek to deliver diverse programming bridging the gap between current and future industry leaders.


High Contrast Fowler Council is lead by


Founding Co-Chair

Erika Hirugami, MAAB. 

Hirugami is a Getty and Kress Foundation Fellow who has held various positions in Museums and Galleries across the United States and Mexico.

Hirugami is currently Founder and CEO at CuratorLove, as well as Curatorial Director for the Ronald McDonald House of Charities.  Hirugami holds an MAAB from Sotheby's Institute of Art and various BA(s) from UCLA.


Founding Co-Chair

Milena Grgas, MAAB. 

Grgas is a private consultant currently based in Los Angeles, California and Zagreb, Croatia. She has worked in numerous galleries domestically and abroad, most notably with Pearl Lam and Night Gallery. She is set to open a project space in Los Angeles in 2018.

Grgas holds an MAAB from Sotheby's Institute of Art and a self-designed B.A. from NYU's Gallatin School.



Darlene Stephanie, MAAB.

Stephanie is an art consultant for various galleries and cultural institutions within Los Angeles and internationally.

Stephanie holds an MAAB from Sotheby's Institute of Art and a BA in Art History from UCLA.


Financial Advisor

Gillian Jackman, BA.

Jackman is a management and sales specialist currently residing in Los Angeles. 

Jackman holds a Bachelor of Art in Art History from UCLA and a degree in Photojournalism from the International Center of Photography.