Curated by Erika Hirugami, MAAB. Founder & CEO of CuratorLove
Dec 07, 2018 - Jan 27, 2019

A Chimera as per Greek mythology is a hybrid composite figure made of parts of different yet complementary creatures that make up a single whole. Like the Chimera, Moncho 1929's own aesthetic path is a hybrid composite; having worked extensively in New York and Los Angeles, and being a street artist deeply involved with public art projects for multiple cities across the United States.

"Dichotomy" segments Moncho 1929's Chimera series, which allegorically juxtapose contemporary iconography, presenting hybrid figures which interconnect to radically challenge political concerns or provide social commentary on culture today. Each of the artworks in the Chimera series presented here, aesthetically convergences two distinct instances to expand on a conceptual exchange that allows Moncho 1929 to delve deep into the various interest which lie at the core of his practice.

CuratorLove is pleased to partner with House of Wren to present complimentary exhibitions co-curated to further delve into the theme of the Chimera Series by Moncho 1929.


Further Impressions

Complementary exhibition curated by Wren Miller, MACD. Founder of House of Wren

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