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As per the law of conservation of energy in physics and chemistry; energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.

Contemporary society is evolving following the law of physics. The law of conservation of energy is visible in the very day, in generational heritage from, or the past time. Prior resources that surround us come to decay and in-turn bring new sources for future development.

The deconstructed past serves as a foundation for cementing the present that further builds the future. "Destruction" proposes a conceptual look at the destruction of the past while delving into the present with the contemporary works of Jimenez, Kim, Serif, and Wakrim, which in time might become the future. Seeking to challenge our heritage for future development.

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Curated by Erika Hirugami & Alexey Shifman

In partnership with Raw Streetphoto Photo Gallery

Opening March 2, 2019 • Rotterdam, Netherlands


In partnership with Gloss Gallery

Opening May 16, 2019 • Tel Aviv, Israel

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