Latinas in LA's Creative Industries

Panel Discussion at the Edendale Branch Library on September 23, 2017 at 3:00pm


Chocolate Marshmallows (detail) by Alana Medina

Chocolate Marshmallows (detail) by Alana Medina

For the past couple of years, Los Angeles has developed an interest in diversifying arts administration. Yet, records show that the vast majority of leaders of arts organizations in the city are predominantly male even today.  Pacific Standard Time a Getty project due to open in September, will highlight Latinx convergences in the city through art. As museums all around Los Angeles seek to understand the exchange of Latinx in Los Angeles and Latin America.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the country news emerge every day of the Metropolitan Museum in New York seeking a female Executive Director, or the city's Mayor Bill Blasio issuing an ultimatum to organizations about diversifying their boards and administration, on a threat to lose city funding. 

As per the Otis report in 2017, the state of California held its position as the 6th largest economy in the world.  Los Angeles' 35 Billion Dollar a year industry fully employs 1 in 8 individuals in the creative industries, which cover Architecture, Industrial Design, Art Galleries, Communications, Digital Media, Entertainment, Fashion, Decorative Arts, Publishing, Toy Manufacturing, Performing Arts, and Fine Art Education. 

But what does this translate to for Los Angeles based Women of Color in the arts? Join a selection of Latinas in the Creative Industries of Los Angeles to discuss in-depth what it means to be an Artist, a Curator, a CEO, an Art Consultant and an Executive Director in this city.

The discussion seeks to understand what are the most difficult challenges of being a WOC in LA working inside a creative industry? How do women of color impact the creative economy of the city? How does this intersectionality navigate the ever changing structures of the art world today? And further explore, if Los Angeles, in fact, has diversity in arts administration. 

Speakers include Artist Alana Medina, and Mayra Villegas, as well as Art Consultant, Darlene Stephanie, joined by Natalie Marrero, Executive Director of Viver Brasil, and Erika Hirugami, Founder & CEO of CuratorLove. 


Darlene Stephanie, MAAB

Art Consultant


Alana Medina, MFA 


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Latinas in Los Angeles'

Art Industries


Erika Hirugami, MAAB

Founder & CEO at CuratorLove


Natalie Marrero, MA

Executive Director at Viver Brasil


Mayra Villegas, MFA


Panel Discussion


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