Untitled | © Vaughan Risher

Untitled | © Vaughan Risher


Flowers, trees, nature, light, beauty, life…

Calyx is a selection of exquisite photographs that serve to delineate the artistry of Mother Nature herself. Ted Dayton, Kaz Kipp, Edgar Kim, and Vaughan Risher each highlight the beauty of the world around us through their photographic lens, bringing forth astonishing artworks.

Throughout centuries flowers have been symbolic allegories indicative of spiritual perfection, and one’s virtues of the soul; whereas trees are directly correlated to the cycle of life, and the relationship between the heavens and the earth, whereas water serves as a constant reminder of cleansing and regeneration for many religions around the globe. In Tantric-Taoism for instance, The Secret of the Golden Flower is also a spiritual state attained through meditation alone.

The imagery found in Calyx thus references our spiritual innermost selves while simultaneously emphasizing the beauty of Mother Nature herself. Dandelions, poppies, water lilies, wheat branches, orange trees, lakes, rivers, valleys, deserts, the sun, and the moon, all collide within Calyx to convey serenity.

Aesthetic photographic praxis and visual elegance mark the introduction into a query that surpasses depiction. Within the aesthetic articulations found in Calyx, one can delve into the beauty found in nature all around us, while simultaneously being reminded of the beauty within.

Curated by Erika Hirugami, MAAB | Founder & CEO of CuratorLove

I know you will be miraculous; I know you will
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Edgar Kim

Ted Dayton 

Kaz Kipp

Vaughan Risher


Note from the Curator... 

A friend once said told me “you were a flower in your previous life, of that I am certain” (AK).  With passing time this sentence grows to have different meanings in my life. At the time I considered it an insult, I thought of flowers as delicate and weak. Later, I found myself aligning closer with the aesthetic connotations of his words, today I know he once acknowledged the beauty of my soul. Calyx served as a catalyst for this personal introspection, and I eagerly await to see how it will communicate with those who witness it.