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Under the artist's guidance, the expert team at CuratorLove will produce a proposal of the artist's choosing for the purposes of transcending his/her professional practice. 

Example proposal subjects; secure a solo exhibition, obtain gallery representation, participate in the creation of a public art project,  secure a large scale commission, reach a museum, etc.


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artist Career development

(Los Angeles County ONLY)

Making strategic decisions about the future of your artistic career path is not always easy.  Having an expert to discuss your best options might be the right solution.

CuratorLove's team of experts direct various Artist Studios around the globe, and help artists every day get into museum collections, feature their artwork at many galleries, get published, secure art commissions, partner with corporations, license their work, etc.,  and can provide you with much-needed guidance toward transcending your own practice. 

1hr consultation •  $100.00

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