Why it matters

CuratorLove seeks first and foremost to provide equity in the art world. We provide global customized services for art professionals in different spheres and stages of their art careers.

Whether you are an individual, a collective, representing an organization or a part own a commercial space;  CuratorLove can help you transcend your professional practice. 

What we care about 

  • Artistic sustainability. 
  • Diversity and inclusion in the art world. 
  • Fairness in the art market. 
  • Integrity and transparency within art business.
  • Gender equity in the art world.
  • Museum/Gallery exposure paired with market sales.
  • Providing our partners the resources necessary to thrive. 

Partner with CuratorLove

  • Artist
  • Individual
  • Art Collective
  • Gallery 
  • Alternative Art Space
  • Art Startup
  • Museum 
  • Institution
  • Art Council
  • Agencies
  • Corporations
  • Private Collections