Why it matters

CuratorLove seeks first and foremost to provide equity in the art world. We are artist-focused and art is our true passion, thus we provide global customized services for art professionals in different spheres and stages of their art careers.

Whether you are an individual, a collective, representing an organization or a part own a commercial space;  CuratorLove can help you transcend your professional practice. 

What we care about 

  • Artistic sustainability. 
  • Diversity and inclusion in the art world. 
  • Fairness in the art market. 
  • Integrity and transparency within art business.
  • Gender equity in the art world.
  • Museum/Gallery exposure paired with market sales.
  • Providing each and every one of our partners the resources necessary to thrive. 
  • Transcending contemporary practices. 

ways to partner with CuratorLove

  • Artist
  • Individual
  • Art Collective
  • Gallery 
  • Alternative Art Space
  • Art Startup
  • Museum 
  • Institution
  • Art Council