Brave Women Run (details) by Kelly Brumfield Woods 

Brave Women Run (details) by Kelly Brumfield Woods 


Curated by Erika Hirugami, MAAB | Founder & CEO at CuratorLove


Latin America’s diaspora has a rich cultural heritage made of countless languages, cultural identities, and communities of people whose intersectionalities convergence endlessly.

The Latinx contemporary human experience merges and transcends itself with every single breath, bringing forth countless articulations that cannot be denied. This exhibition juxtaposes the work of six artists who challenge the status quo bringing forth conversations born from deep within their own intersectionality.

An approximation to the indigenous ancestry that seeks to reclaim a true connection to nature, is thus juxtaposed to the facelessness of contemporary society in which masses of nameless souls move in space without connecting. A historical glance into the moment of conquest is paired with a peek into the perspective of today’s reality which expands on the conflicts of modern-day migration. These complex intersectionalities also question psyche and the understanding of self while delving deep into financial and gender interests. 

The Contemporary Bronze Race is comprised of peoples from all over the globe; Armenian, Syrian, Japanese, American, First Nations, and many other countries converge in this exhibition.

In collating these intersectionalities, an exploration of the Latinx contemporary human experience emerges that serves to challenge the realities of the countless individuals who form a part of this community. Whether it be a larger conversation of ancestry, or a look at the modern concerns that plague our community, gender, finance, or history; all serve to systematically speak for intersectionalities who are perpetually transcending themselves. 


December 2017


 Participating Artists

Alana Medina

Fausto Fernandez


Mely Barragan

Lino Martinez

Kelly Brumfield-Woods

Abdul Mazid



Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is a far-reaching and ambitious exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles taking place from September 2017 through January 2018. Led by the Getty, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is a collaboration of arts institutions across Southern California.

Through a series of thematically linked exhibitions and programs, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA highlights different aspects of Latin American and Latino art from the ancient world to the present day. With topics such as luxury arts in the pre-Columbian Americas, 20th century Afro-Brazilian art, alternative spaces in Mexico City, and boundary-crossing practices of Latino artists, exhibitions range from monographic studies of individual artists to broad surveys that cut across numerous countries.

Supported by more than $16 million in grants from the Getty Foundation, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA involves more than 70 cultural institutions from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, and from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Pacific Standard Time is an initiative of the Getty.