Los Angeles

Erika Hirugami, MAAB

Chief Executive Officer

Hirugami is a Getty Foundation Scholar and a Kress Foundation Fellow who has held various positions in Museums and Galleries across the US and Mexico.

Hirugami holds an MAAB from the Sotheby's Institute of Art and various BA(s) from UCLA.



Giovanna Violi, MA

Vice President 

Violi is a researcher and writer based in London, who holds an MA in Caribbean and Latin American Studies from UCL as well as  BA(s) in Art History and History from UCLA.

Violi is currently focusing on London's vibrant art scene, aesthetic practice and culture.


Mexico City

Lily Jiménez-Dabdoub, MSc

Mexico Relations Coordinator

Jiménez-Dabdoub is currently a cultural promoter and photographer living and working out of Mexico City. 

Jiménez-Dabdoub holds an MSc from Goldsmiths in the UK, and a BA from UNAM in Mexico City, where she minored in Museum Education and Engagement. 


Global Art Fairs

Alicia Marie Calderón, MAAB

Art Fair Specialist

Calderón is a marketing and research advisor based in New Mexico.

Calderón holds an Masters of Art in Art Business from The Sotheby’s Institute of Art in Los Angeles and a BA in Art History from the University of New Mexico.