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CuratorLove is here to help you gallery grow.

 James Cohan Gallery in Shanghai

James Cohan Gallery in Shanghai

Why partner with CuratorLove?

As galleries, local businesses or alternative art spaces you have many things to consider while logistically positioning your enterprise. So let CuratorLove assist you in achieving your maximum potential. 

CuratorLove can develop cutting edge curatorial projects in partnership with your gallery or organization, and expand your network of collectors. We  can also liaise the development of existing projects or work in conjunction with larger institutional affiliations. 

The members in our team have worked in various museums and galleries across the United States, Mexico and London, and for some of the largest foundations of the world, our goal is simple; to empower galleries by providing them all the resources needed so they too can grow and generate compelling convergences in the contemporary art world. 

You have something in mind, let's discuss it!

CuratorLove focuses on producing cutting edge curatorial projects in partnership with galleries and museums globally.